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How do we help uncover YOUR Right Fit Client and move you away from “luck” and more towards increased sales conversions?

Everything you create and build inside Kajabi is based on Your Right Fit Client®


  • Who the sales page is written to attract and who to repel - yep I said repel - by them quickly self-identifying if they are or aren't a fit   
  • The promised outcome they will experience
  • The #1 solution to create / provide that will deliver on that promised outcome
  • How you package and price your offer(s) for the solution
  • The launch method used to fill your funnel that resonates with your audience
  • How your copy is written to resonate and convert
  • How to effectively market to your audience
  • How you uniquely stand out from the competition


We will explore the 6 Pillars to Increased Sales Conversion

1 - Your Right Fit Client® / Superpower to create the perfect solution (product) that resonates with who you want to work with, how you want to work with them, what problem you solve and how you solve it while ensuring you stand out from the competition.

2 - Selecting & Selling to achieve a way where you can quickly identify who is a good fit for your solution and weed out those that aren't, thereby protecting your time and energy.

3 - Pricing and Packaging to determine out of all that you CAN provide, which is the #1 Solution that will get your Right Fit Client® to the promised outcome in the most accelerated, thorough and safest process possible

4 - Marketing / Create Raving Fans who will buy from you when THEY are ready and will introduce and refer you to others.

5 - Client Experience / Systems for an Introductory Worthy Experience

6 - Blueprint to Take Action in Kajabi so you know what steps you need to take over the next 90 days to bring the strategy we created to life inside Kajabi


My focus is allowing you to be the visionary while supporting your business growth from a strategic standpoint.


Let's connect to see how I can help move you from relying on luck and lean into sales conversion certainty!

Investment in your business:  $1,997

Payment Plan available
If you hire me to implement some or all of your Kajabi Blueprint inside Kajabi within 30 days of delivery, I will put $500 towards your first VIP Day Package. 

It All Starts With A Connection Call

It's already working!

Email sent to me after our FIRST strategy session out of 5 for the 6 Pillars to Increased Sales Certainty:

Our strategy is already working: I closed a new Supported Self-Publish client yesterday : )

By focusing on my ONE BEST OFFER....everything else will fall into place."

Lindsay Whiting
Book Coach / Self Publisher's Book Plan
Website: www.selfpublishersbookplan.com

She gave me the boost of confidence I really needed! 

“I’m so grateful for particularly all the guidance from Kim Sellars Brown! Prior to my course launch I became stuck on aspects of my strategy and pricing. Within a day of me reaching out to Kim, she jumped on a call, listened, and coached me through my concerns. Her positivity and can-do attitude was instrumental in helping me feel great about moving forward. When I finished the call, not only did I have clarity on how to proceed with my launch and pricing, but she gave me a boost of confidence that I really needed!

Kathy Noble
Founder, Start With Your Story Educational Consulting

Still wondering if my Strategy & Consulting services
are right for you?

My services ARE a great fit for you if.... 

You are an established, successful business owner who isn't new to the world of digital marketing.

You aren't seeing the conversions like you were "sold" you would with a packaged funnel or cookie cutter system.

You have a clear vision of where you want to take your business and recognize that the journey to get there has milestones to hit along the way.

You have your branding in place.

You understand that this is a collaborative process and I will need your time and commitment to for this journey together.

You're willing to be open to mindset shifts, possible "homework" and will take targeted action in your business.

You acknowledge that you may not know what you don't know and are open to being coachable for recommendations, advice and strategy.

My services are NOT a great fit for you if.... 

You are new to the online business world.

You bought a funnel from a Guru and consider it strategy.

You are into false scarcity, and unethical marketing tactics.

You want a business you can "set and forget".

You ONLY want to run social media ads and are unwilling to do the legwork to create authentic, organic raving fans.

You are "wishy-washy" and can't stay the course once a decision has been made.

You don't know what you want, but you know what you like when you hear or see it.

You like liver and onions. (Just kidding, I'll still work with you)

It All Starts With a Connection Call