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Do you want to trust the success of your online business to “luck” or create a business that has increased Sales Certainty? 

Stop wasting time, energy and  money building your online course or membership site in Kajabi until you know 6 actions you must take to increase sales certainty!


Let me guide you with a truth that no one talks about...

If you have attended coaching, courses, classes, live events on determining your Avatar - you will not be as successful using this method to determine who you serve, what to offer and how to deliver it.

“Avatar” as we’ve all been taught is dead.

“Niche” is a dying term.

It is more than demographics and psychographics.

If you do not have an intimate knowledge of your Right Fit Client™ and your unique abilities you bring to the table to demonstrate how you are different than everyone else who does what you do, you will not convert from your sales page to a sale,  you will not live up to the sales potentials you could make and you WILL waste time doing things you end up resenting.

Stop wasting money.
Stop wasting your energy.
Stop fitting your services/program/product to match the Avatar or Niche.
Stop fitting your Avatar or Niche into your services/program/product.

creating a business that revolves around YOU, who YOU want to work with, providing services that excite YOU, when YOU want to work with them and HOW you want to work with them.

Once you know this THEN you can create your product/services that align with your
Right Fit Client™ (RFC) inside Kajabi.

How do we help uncover YOUR Right Fit Client and move you away from “luck” and more towards sales certainty?

We will explore the 6 Core Actions To Increase Your Sales Certainty 

1 - Your Right Fit Client / Superpower

2 - Selecting & Selling

3 - Pricing and Packaging

4 - Create Raving Fans 

5 - Harness The Power of Kajabi to Make it Happen

6 - Implementation in Kajabi- Take Action 

Everything you build inside Kajabi is based on Your Right Fit Client™

  • Who the sales page is written for

  • The promised outcome you choose

  • How you package and price your offer(s)

  • How your copy is written to resonate and convert

  • How you uniquely stand out from the competition

  • How you determine who is a fit and weed out quickly who isn’t

My focus is allowing you to be the visionary while supporting your business growth from a strategic standpoint.


Let's connect to see how I can help move you from relying on luck and lean into sales certainty!

It All Starts With A Discovery Call

She gave me the boost of confidence I really needed! 

“I’m so grateful for particularly all the guidance from Kim Sellars Brown! Prior to my course launch I became stuck on aspects of my strategy and pricing. Within a day of me reaching out to Kim, she jumped on a call, listened, and coached me through my concerns. Her positivity and can-do attitude was instrumental in helping me feel great about moving forward. When I finished the call, not only did I have clarity on how to proceed with my launch and pricing, but she gave me a boost of confidence that I really needed!

Kathy Noble
Founder, Start With Your Story Educational Consulting

Still wondering if my services are right for you?

My services ARE a great fit for you if.... 

You understand that this is a collaborative process and I will need your time and commitment to this project.

You have your copy and content ready to go, but you need me to take the wheel and get it set up inside Kajabi.

You acknowledge that you may not know what you don't know and are open to being coachable for recommendations, advice and strategy.

You recognize that delays in communication can move out a "launch" or "go live" date.

My services are NOT a great fit for you if.... 

You are looking for a highly coded website. (you can purchase Kajabi templates if you like their coding, but we don't do coding)

You don't have your course / membership site outlined, copy and/or content ready to go.

You don't have your signature offer dialed in.

You want to micromanage every second of the project.

You don't know what you want, but you know what you like when you see it.

It All Starts With a Discovery Call