Tired of the guesswork, the endless tweaking, and the wasted resources trying to figure out why your latest funnel isn't seeing the leads and sales like you thought it would?

ūüĎČ Yes! That's Me! ūüĎą

Feeling Like Your Newest Sales Funnel is Leaking Opportunities?

Let’s find out where the bleeding is coming from!


It's time for a swift, strategic intervention.

Sales Funnel Diagnostic Audit

Have an Experienced Conversion Strategist perform a comprehensive check-up on your sales funnel.


I'm the Sales Success Doctor, here to diagnose, and write the treatment plan your sales funnel desperately needs to heal your lack of leads and sales.


ūüĒć 90-Minute Sales Funnel Diagnostic Session: We kick things off with an in-depth exploration of your Sales Funnel. This intensive session is where we roll up our sleeves and dig deep to uncover the obstacles holding you back. Through thought-provoking questions and analysis,¬†I pinpoint the causes of your leads and sales challenges for this funnel.

ūüĒß Sales Funnel Audit:¬†My diagnostic session doesn't stop at just questions.¬†I conduct a comprehensive audit of your Sales Funnel, covering essential areas such as client journey, messaging, marketing,¬† automations, nurturing sequences, offer alignment and more!¬†

ūüďä Written & Video Report: Following¬†my analysis, you'll receive a detailed report that highlight gaps, identifies root issues causing roadblocks, and give guidance, recommendations, and actionable steps for areas where¬†alignment or re-alignment is needed.

I'll focus on these critical conversion areas:

1ÔłŹ‚É£ Answering the Big 4:¬†I delve into the Who, What, Why, and How of your sales funnel, ensuring clarity and purpose.

ūüéĮ Goal Alignment:¬†I give you guidance to align your Sales Funnel with your overall vision and desired outcome.¬†

ūüö∂ Clearly Defined Client Journey: Ensuring your potential customers have a seamless and engaging experience from the first interaction to making a purchase decision.

ūüíĆ Message Match:¬†I confirm that your messaging is consistent across your Lead Magnet, nurture sequence email content, and sales page.¬†My aim is to guide your prospects to take the #1 action you desire.

ūüĒĄ Offer Alignment:¬†I'll evaluate how well your product or service aligns with your promised transformation, audience and messaging.

ūüď£ Organic¬†Marketing Messaging:¬†I'll review your marketing messaging to¬†confirm it resonates with your target audience.

ūüĆź Traffic Sources & Alignment:¬†I assess your methods for getting visible, organic traffic sources and how well they align with your audience, ensuring you're reaching the right people with the right message.

ūüíĽ Tech Check:¬†I inspect all the technical aspects to ensure everything is firing as it should. If anything's amiss,¬†I'll identify it and provide recommendations for resolution.

In essence, you'll get a 360-degree evaluation of your Sales Funnel, equipping you with the insights needed to optimize your business for success. 


It's time for a precise diagnosis and a treatment plan that  delivers tailored results. 

Ready for Change but Not Sure About the Commitment? 


Taking the First Step Without Overwhelming Commitment

Exploring solutions for your business doesn't always require diving into an intensive partnership or making a big investment right away in the Sales Success Rx plan.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or just testing the waters, starting with the Sales Funnel Diagnostic Audit is an ideal choice.

Slower, Step-by-Step Approach to Healing Your Business:

  • Initial Diagnostic Session:
    • Identify Leaks: I'll pinpoint areas where your business might be losing leads or sales.
    • Strategic Recommendations: I‚Äôll provide a detailed map of the optimal client journey and actionable steps, which you can choose to implement on your own. This provides a clear path to begin addressing these challenges effectively.

Flexibility After Diagnosis:

  • DIY Implementation: Armed with the insights and strategies from our session, plus a comprehensive written and video Sales Success Diagnostic Blueprint, you can apply the recommendations, guidance and action steps at your own pace.
  • Hands-On Support: If you decide you want deeper engagement to accelerate your sales success, I'm here to assist you in implementing the strategies together through the Sales Success Rx sessions, ensuring each step aligns perfectly with your business‚Äôs needs.

Why Choose This Path?

  • No Pressure: Start with the Sales Funnel Diagnostic Audit to understand your needs without the commitment to a full program.
  • Customized Support: Depending on the outcomes of our initial session and the audit, you have the freedom to decide how much further support you need‚ÄĒwhether that's going it alone or continuing our partnership.

ūüöÄ Transforming Your Business One Step at a Time:

Every business journey is unique, and so should be the support you receive. By starting with an initial diagnostic, you're taking a no-pressure step toward clarity and improvement. And remember, I’m here to help further whenever you’re ready.

ūü§Ē Curious about how this flexible approach can fit into your business strategy? Let‚Äôs connect! This is your first step toward sustainable success, on your terms.

Stop The Funnel Leaks

How the Sales Funnel Diagnostic Audit Works


Free 30-Minute Consultation Call

If you have questions around the Sales Funnel Diagnostic Audit we can jump on a call where I can assess your situation, determine if I am the professional you need for this audit or if I should refer you to another specialist to get to the root of what's ailing your sales funnel.

Not Sure If Audit Is For You?
Book A Consultation Call

Step 1: Sales Funnel Diagnostic Session

Over our 90-minute session, like a doctor, I'll ask questions about your sales funnel to pinpoint the exact ROOT issues causing the symptoms leading to lacking leads and sales.

Step 2: Sales Funnel Audit

After our session, I'll then "look under the hood" and do an audit of your entire sales funnel based on our Diagnostic session. 

This audit is what guides me in creating your treatment plan to guide you to taking specific actions to begin healing your leads and sales. 

Step 3: Sales Success Treatment Plan

I then take up to 5 business days to craft a detailed treatment plan, with a prescription designed to heal your ailing leads and sales for your funnel.

This plan comes complete with personalized guidance, recommendations, and expert advice tailored specifically to your sales funnel with the expectation that you will take recommended action in your business.

Step 4: Treatment Plan Delivery

I will email your video and written Sales Funnel Treatment Plan.   Use it to  plug revisions into your funnel and start taking action on the recommendations and guidance inside the report. 

If you decide to take the next step with Sales Success RX in 30 days from delivery of the treatment plan, $200 goes towards that package.

Step 5: Take Healing To The Next Level

The audit is a crucial first step for optimizing a single sales funnel.

However, for those looking to transform their entire business for long-term, scalable success, I offer personalized 1:1 guidance with my Sales Success Rx service.

We take the treatment plan and work through it holistically, hand in hand, addressing each aspect in real-time for your WHOLE business.

It's about curing the disease, not just treating symptoms, and achieving lasting, sustainable growth.

Only $697

Sales Funnel
Diagnostic Audit

Additional Funnels added to this Package are $150 off!

  • 90-Minute Deep-Dive Session around one sales funnel
  • Treatment Plan with Prescription for Success which includes an Actionable Video and Written Report:
    • Visual Map of Your OPTIMIZED Funnel
    • Gap Identification
    • Personalized Analysis
    • Tech roadblocks identified
    • Client Journey Optimization
    • Symptom Alleviation Recommendations
  • 30-days of Kimi-In-Your-Back-Pocket for¬†email and messenger access to me for guidance as you apply the treatment plan to your sales funnel. ($197/mo value)
  • If you decide to take the next step with Sales Success RX in 30 days from delivery of the treatment plan, $200¬†goes towards that package.
  • Return Client Bonus: Additional Funnels audited as part of THIS package or purchased within 60-days of the most recent delivered audit are $150 off.
I'm Ready NOW!

Here's what working with the Sales Success Doctor has meant to others...

Jacob Turner

"Why did I waste thousands of dollars on these flashy programs when I could have just invested with you?

...and I would have gotten results that I actually thought I was getting in the first place?"

Danielle Levy

"Kim is the total package! Professional, fun, "real", highly knowledgable, and incredibly responsive.

We now have a clear action plan and the adjustments that need to be made and the confidence we need to go into our next launch."

Melissa Froehlich

"We finally launched a webinar for a client that had been talked about for "years"!  

I am so glad to have Kimi to reach out anytime with questions and get unstuck!"

Andrea Dow

"Being confident that my product/website worked made all the difference in the ability to move my business forward.

Kim completely took away my overwhelm and frustration.  She’s helped me to move my business forward and allowed a launch that’s been years in the making."

By the end of your Sales Funnel Diagnostic Journey:

  • Eliminate Endless Guesswork: Eliminate the uncertainty and frustration that comes with not knowing what's causing your lead and sales¬†leak in your funnel.

  • Stop Wasted Resources: Stop pouring time and money into quick fixes and generic solutions that don't produce results.

  • Gain a Precise Diagnosis: Gain a clear understanding of the exact issues hindering your funnel's success.

  • Tailored Treatment Plan: Receive a personalized prescription for¬†stopping the leaks keeping you from seeing¬†leads and sales, designed specifically for your funnel.

Stop Leaking Leads & Sales!

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Stop the Funnel Leaks!