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Not experiencing the traction you thought you'd get when you started selling online with Kajabi?

Discover the 6 actions you must take to increase momentum in your sales conversions and let your page do the heavy lifting FOR you


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Not experiencing the traction you thought you'd get when you started selling online with Kajabi?

Discover the 6 actions you must take to increase momentum in your sales conversions and let your page do the heavy lifting FOR you


"My Sales Page Isn't Converting Like I Thought It Would" 

"Why Isn't My Lead Magnet Being Downloaded?"

"I'm Poised To "Take Off" but Something Isn't Working."

"I'm throwing money at marketing my program, but the needle isn't moving!"

"I paid money for the course, followed the steps, and built it the way they said, why isn't it selling?"

Actual Client Quotes

Let me partner with you and your business in a strategic way...that increases your chance at making conversions

Let me guide you with a truth that no one talks about...

You won't see the traction you expect or maintain momentum without taking time to develop a strategy...

Strategy First. Always.

For example...Let's talk about the foundation for conversion:

Strategy around WHO you want to work with.

“Avatar” as we’ve all been taught is a dying methodology and
 there are more impactful ways to decide who to serve.

I call this audience your "Anti-Avatar" because they are more than demographics and psychographics.

If you don't have an intimate knowledge of what type of business you want to create that fits into YOUR life (and not feeling like the business has taken over and you are trying to find a life), who you want to spend your time with, when you want to spend time with them, what you want to spend your time doing day in and day out, your promised outcome and the unique abilities you bring to the table to demonstrate how you are different than everyone else who does what you do...

You WON'T convert from your sales page to a sale,
You WON'T live up to the sales potentials you could make,
and you WILL waste time doing things you end up resenting.


Stop selling to an Avatar
Stop wasting money.
Stop wasting your energy.
Stop creating a product first and then struggle to try to find the audience to fit the product.
Stop living your life around your business.


Start creating a business that revolves around YOU, who YOU want to work with, when YOU want to work with them and HOW you want to work with them by providing services that excite YOU. 

You are the Visionary. 

I am the Strategist.

I am the bridge between your vision and creating traction and gaining momentum inside Kajabi.

I've been partnering with coaches, consultants and online course creators since 2015 to create the Launch Execution Strategy around monetizing their signature offer in Kajabi. 

My mission is to share the truth that Conversion Strategy is what online entrepreneurs using Kajabi need to grow their business so that they can stop wasting time, money, and energy and finally see an ROI on all their investments

is 9 out of 10 online business owners who hired me to do the Kajabi back end tech implementation was missing one or more crucial pieces to the success of their online business

  • who they serve
  • how they want to serve them
  • when they want to work with them
  • that the program they wanted to put in place did NOT fit into their lives and would have to give up important parts of their life to deliver this program 
  • what problems their Right Fit Client® needs solved (not what the business owner thinks they need solved)
  • the promised outcome
  • that their solution delivers on the promised outcome
  • had not tested or surveyed their Right Fit Client® to see if their solution had "legs" before they spent valuable time, energy and money creating it
  • that the delivery method of the lead magnet, or challenge and/or the solution matches up to the style their Right Fit Client® requires to achieve their desired outcome
  • and a blueprint to make it all happen in Kajabi. 

They desired a collaborative partner to take their hand and guide them before, during and after we set them up for success in Kajabi.

Jump On A Call With Kim

Kim is the total package!


"I hired Kim because we were unsure of the current set up of an online course and required a full assessment to avoid launch pitfalls.

Her audit was thorough, well organized, forward thinking and actionable.  Her results exceeded our expectations!

Kim is the total package! Professional, fun, "real", highly knowledgable, and incredibly responsive.

We now have a clear action plan and the adjustments that need to be made and the confidence we need to go into our  next launch."

Danielle Levy
Integrator, Danielle Levy Consulting

I help you make strategic, informed decisions to help you take the next step in your business to gain traction and maintain momentum

Let me partner with you and your business in a strategic way

Let me lead you, collaboratively, to the best way to gain traction and increase conversions in your business...


Business Consulting & Conversion Success Strategy

Gain traction with conversions with One-on-One Consulting, specifically designed to support you as you grow your business using Kajabi. 

I serve as your trusted partner to help design and support your strategic business growth efforts. 

Boost Your Sales Conversion With 6 Targeted Actions you must take to stop relying on luck for the success of your online business, so that you can spend your limited time, money and energy serving who you want, when you want and how you want; organically create raving fans who will buy from you, refer to you and introduce you; uncover how you stand out from the competition; and, discover how to best use Kajabi to achieve your goals. 

I'm Interested in The Six Pillars of Increased Sales Certainty


Kimi Take The Wheel VIP DAY
(This is the Get $#it done package)

You don't want to wait for 5 - 10 business days to start selling.

You want it done NOW!

Get up and running in 24 business hours!

You have your Launch Execution Strategy. 

You have all your content, copy, images and client journey mapped out.

You just need me to take all of it and make it sing inside Kajabi and you need it completed sooner rather than later!        



Kimi, Take The Wheel With a VIP Day!

We finally launched a webinar that had been talked about for "years"! 

 "We hired Kim to complete the logistics for a client's webinar project that had been in the development phase for way too long.  We were bogged down by how Kajabi could support a webinar, tech overwhelm and not enough bandwith to manage all the pieces of the project.

Kim freed up time and delivered an incredible product that can be duplicated time and time again, saving future time and effort as well.

I am so glad to have Kimi In My Back Pocket to reach out anytime with questions and get unstuck!"

Melissa Froehlich
Owner, Strategic Business Growth


It all starts with a Connection Call


First, schedule a Connection Call!  There is a form for you to complete so you can tell me more about you, your business and your vision before we meet.

Second, we'll meet via Zoom on your scheduled date and time (come as you are, nothing fancy! I probably will be wearing a hat due to a bad hair day). 

While on the call, we can talk out scenarios and find out what Kajabi can and can't do and I'll provide recommendations to get you moving forward.

Third, if we feel we are a good fit for one another, I will either recommend an action to take or I will put together a customized proposal for you.

Four, once you've agreed to the proposal, I send you a contract and an invoice.  One you sign the contract and pay the invoice, Buckle Up Buttercup, the fun is about to begin!  

I Want To Book My Connection Call

Being confident that my product/website worked made all the difference in the ability to move my business forward.


"Before hiring Kim, I was stuck on how much I could do with Kajabi.

The tasks I needed to complete were adding up and I was feeling really overwhelmed. I was literally stalled in getting my course and website where I needed and wanted them!

Enter Kim from gr8collaboration and picture the skies parting and the sun shining through. Kim completely took away my overwhelm and frustration. She systematically helped me fix every website and course problem. She was efficient and extremely knowledgeable and never made me feel overwhelmed by all the technology. She’s helped me to move my business forward and allowed a launch that’s been years in the making.

Things that would’ve taken me hours were fixed in minutes. I can’t recommend Kim and her team enough!"

Andrea Dow
Owner, Andrea Dow Inc.


My name is Kimberly (Kimi) Brown and I've been helping established & successful online entrepreneurs build and monetize their businesses inside Kajabi since 2015.

My mission is to right a wrong I see in the online business world that is costing you dearly.  That wrong? Being told all you need to be successful is to put your signature offer/product/service online and you will be successful.

I also understand the rush of excitement a visionary business owner feels when they get an idea for their business, but I also understand we need to balance that with the strategy behind creating the right solution that delivers on your promised outcome then a blueprint to  implementation & action inside Kajabi to see your vision to fruition.

I have always gotten a charge out of helping others succeed and standing behind them as they shine in the spotlight! 


If you like a straight shooting, sassy, slightly smart-a$$y, witty, fun-loving, loves Jesus but cusses a little, invested in your success, collaborative (not a task taker), get $H*t done kinda person, then schedule your Connection Call to find out if we are a good fit for one another! 

What sets me apart is my personal approach, personality and collaborative style. 

You will only know if I am right for your business when you jump on a Connection Call where we can explore if I am a good fit for your vision, your core values and as collaborative partners in your business. 

If we aren't a good fit, I can refer you to someone I completely trust to take good care of you!

I hope to see you on my calendar!

Yours in success,


Have we met? 


A Trusted Partner - someone who "gets you" and supports your vision 100%. I am a sounding board, a safe space and someone to bounce ideas off of while working to conceptualize your vision and put it into action.

A Kajabi Strategist - we will dive deep to ensure that we create a strategy with your personal life and business growth at the forefront of our efforts. 

Accountability Partner - I believe in words of encouragement and praise but I also believe, when needed, to remind you of the goals we set together (with a huge dose of humor and love) and provide the impetus needed to get you unstuck, out of overwhelm, and back on track.  This is a partnership where we both have to take action.  I can't care about your success more than you do.

Your Kajabi BFF - If you need me to implement, I will implement.  I know how to best use Kajabi to support your goals and the outcome you most desire.  I will ensure you keep moving forward and not bogged down with the tech! 

A Connector - I have a network of trusted, vetted partners I can recommend to help you in all aspects of your online business.  Social Media Marketing, Kajabi Templates, Advanced Coding, Business Coaching, SEO, Launch Management, Graphic Designers, Copywriting, Virtual Assistants, Project Managers, Strategic Mapping, Director of Operations, Online Business Managers, Public Relations and more.

Communication and Follow-through - you will have a clear understanding of objectives and we will be in regular communication with one another.  This is a key element to our successful partnership and to produce effective results.

I Want A Kajabi BFF!

Kim turned working on a website into something fun!


"I hired Kim to give my Kajabi website a facelift. Before I hired Kim, I had created and launched the website on my own. This is not my area of strength, so it took me a ton of time and a few tears to accomplish. I knew it was time for a professional look to match my new branding, and I needed a professional to make it happen.

Kim turned working on a website into something fun! She was helpful, knowledgeable, generous and funny. I am so grateful for her expertise and can't wait to show off her work!"

Karissa Harrison
Owner, Karissaharrison.com

What it looks like to help my clients shine in the spotlight...

  • Help Me Monetize 30 years of knowledge in my head - Created 2 High Ticket Courses w/Live Coaching after consultation, recommendation, guidance and implementation to assist a successful coach providing 1:1 mentorship who had 30 years of knowledge in his brain he wanted to monetize. We charted a course on the best way to use Kajabi to bring this GOLD to change the world of sales conversations and created a storehouse of content for lead magnets to list build, low cost courses, mini-workshops, free & paid webinars, and future high-ticket courses.
  • How do I start doing webinars? An energy coach finally launched their group program after 5 years of sitting on the shelf and having “competitor” envy.
  • I'm tired of doing 1:1 coaching!  A successful business consultant currently providing 1:1 coaching wanted to add group coaching to her offers with a mix of self-study courses and live group coaching.  
  • No one is signing up for my paid workshops! A real-estate consultant added weekly free masterclasses to give value and quick wins to attendees which led them to apply for his paid Virtual 3-Day Event. 
  • How do I move students from my lower paid course to my high-ticket course? Mapped out how to best use Kajabi to provide a scalable "value ladder” to lead clients from foundational courses to mastery.
  • Can you give me the green light to launch? A yoga coach wanted to ensure that website visitors had a great experience and asked for a second set of eyes to peek at her sales funnel in Kajabi before going live to make sure automations were set up and everything worked the way it was supposed to. 
  • I want to launch but I don't have a list of engaged prospects. Strategized from list building to nurturing prospective clients to an event that gave value and taught on a topic that led to an engaged, excited and eager audience that wanted to buy the “How” their course and coaching provided.
  • Why aren't people booking a call to work with me? Worked through why a sales page wasn’t converting and uncovered the true outcome their audience desired and recommended matching their copy to the outcome and took their page from “scroll” to “stop and read”.  
  • I want to launch next month! A client who just graduated from a popular course had an unrealistic timeline for their launch and was unprepared for the true scope of resources needed to create content, copy and go live using Kajabi.  After our session they had a much better understanding of the timeline truly needed to launch, that their launch date was unrealistic if they still wanted to sleep and have a family life, what they were missing and had recommendations in hand to help them with what to do next before they even considered building out in Kajabi, saving them months of frustration (and possibly their marriage), and beating their head against the wall. 
  • Why aren't people buying my high-ticket offer? A newly minted, unknown online business owner was not getting any traction to her high-ticket offer and, after diving deep into her mindset, audience & offer, I recommended she not follow the crowd (and the course she just took that said to launch directly to a high-ticket offer), but that she create a low cost mini-series as a way to “introduce her to the world” and give a quick win to prospective clients and place them in an automated nurture sequence to provide added “wins” that led them to her high-ticket offer.  (and she was able to make money until her high-ticket offer took off!)
I Want To Be In The Spotlight!

Featured In The Spotlight

She gave me the boost of confidence I really needed! 

“I’m so grateful for particularly all the guidance from Kim Sellars Brown! Prior to my course launch I became stuck on aspects of my strategy and pricing. Within a day of me reaching out to Kim, she jumped on a call, listened, and coached me through my concerns. Her positivity and can-do attitude was instrumental in helping me feel great about moving forward. When I finished the call, not only did I have clarity on how to proceed with my launch and pricing, but she gave me a boost of confidence that I really needed!

Kathy Noble
Founder, Start With Your Story Educational Consulting

Kim has changed my life and I am so excited to start helping my own clients!

Kim is so willing to help even over and above our regular calls, Kim will shoot Looms or find and share resources to help in so many ways. Kim helped me sort through and map out a website for a client and it has really helped both my client and I to continue moving forward on her project.

Gail Starr, Kajabi Specialist

I truly feel there is no better choice than working with Kim!


Meg Burrage introduced me to Kim, and over the past few months the two of them have supported me with gaining new clients, understanding how to get the most out of the Kajabi platform, and learning the marketing strategy that goes hand-in-hand with the tech side of things. With their support and guidance, I feel really confident in my ability to navigate the Kajabi platform and grow my business.

On top of the tech and marketing training that Kim has provided me, she has also been very responsive to all of my questions. 

I truly believe that there is no better choice than working with Kim. She will support you every step of the way. ”

Christina Rava, Course Launch Specialist

I'm officially calling Kim - THE KAJABI QUEEN!!!!!  

"I'm officially calling Kim - THE KAJABI QUEEN!!!!!

As an OBM, Kim was referred to me as I was looking for a Kajabi contractor to help set up a few courses for a client.  To say she was heaven-sent is an understatement. 

From our first discovery call - Kim's upbeat, fun and optimistic-can do attitude was so refreshing and I knew we would immediately work well together. 

Her onboarding process was like none-other I've seen - so thorough and well put together - she covered EVERYTHING and and I was so impressed as a systems and process minded kinda gal. 

Kim was responsive, delivered on (or before) deadline and was always available for revisions, questions and assistance. 

My client LOVED her and the work product

You can tell for Kim, landing a sale is not just about the $$, she truly cares about her clients and the work she does for them - not only during the project but after too! 

Kim rocked the first project that I brought her on to get our email marketing up and running and I look forward to seeing how else we can utilize her services in fully maximizing her Kajabi expertise!"  

Adrienne Glusman
Online Business Manager for Stacey Staaterman

I highly recommend Kimberly!  

Kimberly at Gr8Collaboration VA has been such a blessing to me and my online business over the years.

She has been instrumental in helping with the building and maintenance of my online courses and membership programs.

From the first time you meet with her you can tell exactly how much she cares about doing a great job.

I highly recommend Kimberly!

Catherine Dove
Founder, Modern Day Expert™

Kim is such a freaking joy to work with.  

I have been on a journey of getting more specic with my niche and my oerings. Gr8 Collaboration VA has played a key role in narrowing that down for me and my clients. Now, with the clarity I have on my main oering, the next stop is the freaking moon!

Kim is such a freaking joy to work with. No BS, and no question is o limits. I felt open to express my ignorance and also to say when I had a strong opinion about the way something should work. She made me feel listened to, appreciated, and worked in just the way I need to be worked with.

Alex Street
Founder, Fearless Speakers Academy™

Still wondering if my services are right for you?

Let's jump on a call to see how I can shine a spotlight on YOUR business!

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Together we make the world a kinder place.

We value diversity within our team and referral partners, extending to our clients.

Together we derive unique perspectives and bright ideas.

At Kimi Brown LLC we are driven by the value of diverse kindness.

Our commitment to diverse kindness means that we believe that everyone deserves the best friendly, generous, and considerate experience regardless of their race, color, gender identity, religion, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, location, physical abilities, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, or criminal history.

We embrace trusted partnerships, team members, and clients from underrepresented groups to help make our vision a reality.

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