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Let's work together to heal your ailing leads and sales!

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You're Done "@^%ing" around with research, self-study courses, group coaching and wasting time & money on magic pills and bandaids that only address the symptoms for short-term relief.

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Sales Success RX offers you a personalized approach that gets to the ROOT PROBLEM where we work TOGETHER to heal your WHOLE business.


  • Identify and diagnose the root issue by auditing your WHOLE business, not just a sales funnel.¬†
  • A tailored approach for your unique business needs.¬†
  • Immediate action and real-time guidance.¬†
  • Efficient progress without endless, time wasting self-study courses.¬†

...and cut to the chase and start gaining leads and sales!

It All Starts With a Consultation Call!

How Sales Success Rx Works


Free 30-Minute Consultation Call

I assess your situation, determine if I am the professional you need or if I should refer you to another specialist to get to the root of what's ailing your business.

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Step 1:
Sales Success RX: Diagnostic Session

Like a doctor, in this first session, I ask questions and examine your WHOLE online business to pinpoint the exact ROOT issues causing the symptoms leading to lacking leads and sales.

Step 2:
Crafting Your Treatment Regimen

Create a tailored roadmap to guide our next sessions with the precise actions, messaging, mindset shifts, and skillset enhancements needed to heal your business and unlock leads and sales.

Step 3:

From day one, we work together to address your specific challenges and move towards healing your business.  We have up to 3 more sessions (if needed) to work together, hand in hand, in REAL TIME to work through the plan designed in Step 2!

Step 4:
Final Treatment Plan Delivery

Our last session is where I present your Sales Success Blueprint.  Use the Sales Success Blueprint we create together as a Plug-and-Play into your Kajabi pages or Fast track your changes by simply hiring me to make those changes for you. (see below)

Step 5: 

30-days of Doctor-In-Your-Back Pocket as you apply your Sales Success Blueprint for clarifying questions and support as you take action to gain traction in your business!

Investment is $2,997

$1,000 deposit to schedule 1st session,
$1,000 paid before third session
Balance due before final session and delivery of Sales Success Rx Blueprint.


I've purchased a commercial license from Meg Burrage BV to choose from her Kajabi templated pages, if needed, and will be provided as a bonus at no charge to you. 

It All Starts with a Consultation Call



Want to Fast-Track your
Sales Success? 

Sales Success RX Accelerator
(Implementation Package)

I'll handle any changes you need inside Kajabi from the Sales Success RX Blueprint, from sprucing up your website, sales funnel, lead magnets and getting your offers and products ship-shape and optimized.  Comes with other goodies like two extra Zoom support calls over 60-days!

Say goodbye to the "doing" and hello to seamless setup and selling. 
This is about as "footprints in the sand" as you can get! 

Ask about adding this support to your Sales Success RX package on our call! 

Investment to have both the Sales Success Rx AND Sales Success Rx Accelerator starts in the mid 4 figures, depending on scope.

Why My Approach Is Different 

Immediate Action, No Delay

I understand that you're tired of sifting through libraries of self-study lessons and courses, only to meet for group coaching after you've completed them. That's why my approach is refreshingly different. I believe in taking action now, side by side, without any time wasted on endless self-study.

Right from the Start

With me, you won't have to endure countless hours of self-study or attend group sessions for hot seat coaching before you can begin making changes. It's not just advice, it's hands-on collaboration. I provide real-time guidance, ensuring that every step you take is purposeful and effective in healing the root problems of your business.


Picture this - we'll work side by side, starting with the business you want to build that is LIFE FIRST focused, then going through your Kajabi pages from your Lead Magnet  to the Final Product. We'll tweak your messaging and ensure your product fits like a glove, so you can simply plug-and-play into your Kajabi pages.

Or, if you're in a hurry , I've got you covered. I've mastered Kajabi's templates and tech ūüõ†ÔłŹ, and I can set it all up for you.

It's the ultimate shortcut! 

Here's what working with the Sales Success Doctor has meant to others...

Jacob Turner

"Why did I waste thousands of dollars on these flashy programs when I could have just invested with you?

...and I would have gotten results that I actually thought I was getting in the first place?"

Danielle Levy

"Kim is the total package! Professional, fun, "real", highly knowledgable, and incredibly responsive.

We now have a clear action plan and the adjustments that need to be made and the confidence we need to go into our next launch."

Melissa Froehlich

"We finally launched a webinar for a client that had been talked about for "years"!  

I am so glad to have Kimi to reach out anytime with questions and get unstuck!"

Andrea Dow

"Being confident that my product/website worked made all the difference in the ability to move my business forward.

Kim completely took away my overwhelm and frustration.  She’s helped me to move my business forward and allowed a launch that’s been years in the making."

By the end of our Sales Success RX journey together you'll:

  • Break Free from Stagnation: Bid farewell to business stagnation and experience dynamic growth.
  • Say Goodbye to Self-Study Overload: No more overwhelming self-study courses that lead to nowhere.
  • Stop the Guessing Game: Make informed decisions, backed by data, not guesswork.
  • Experience Efficient Progress: Ditch time-wasting temporary solutions and find real, lasting results.
  • Attract Inspired Leads: Cultivate a list of inspired, high-quality leads while repelling those who aren't the right fit.
  • Witness Sales Increase: Align your actions and messaging to attract the RIGHT inspired audience, exactly when they're ready to BUY.
It All Starts With a Consultation Call

Initial Session 


Sales Funnel Diagnostic Session

In this initial "Diagnosis Session," we dive deep into your business, uncovering what's hindering your success. Through insightful questions and analysis, we identify the root causes of your sales challenges, paving the way for a tailored, effective treatment plan that ensures lasting growth and success.

Treatment Plan - Roadmap for Treatment

It's the custom strategic guide within the Sales Success Rx Framework that outlines every step we'll take over our next 3 sessions to address the root issues hindering your business. This tailored plan ensures that our sessions are laser-focused, efficient, and dedicated to achieving your unique goals.

Depending on the needs identified in your diagnosis session, treatment may encompass one or more of the following areas:


Clarity in Business Vision and Messaging

Keeping your life and how you want to live it in the forefront of my mind (Life-First Business), and working off the initial conversation and gaps I identifed, we will define¬†your target audience (Right Fit Client¬ģ), the problems you'll solve for them, and the transformative outcomes they'll experience through your services. This clarity is the foundation of your compelling messaging and offerings.¬†

Vision and Scope

My vision is to streamline your business, aligning it with your desire to serve through your unique blend of skills. We'll cover ideal clients, messaging, offerings, lead generation, and leveraging your talents to reach those you're meant to serve.  We address the NOW and the plan for sustainable long-term growth.

(Re)Establishing Authority

Your voice deserves a platform. We'll focus on what sets you apart from the competition so you stand out in a crowded market place to build your authority and trust in your niche. 


This phase is all about solidifying your message and ensuring it resonates with your audience. We gather concrete evidence that your audience is eager to say "yes" to the transformation your offer promises. By aligning your audience, authority, and messaging, we create a seamless journey from attracting leads to guiding them through your funnel to landing on your sales page and taking that crucial action. It's about assuring that your offer delivers on its promise swiftly and effectively.

Offer (Re) Alignment

Offer Alignment" is the vital next step. After securing audience buy-in and refining your messaging, we focus on making sure your offer perfectly delivers on the transformation it promises. This often involves professional upsells or downsells, tailoring your product or service to ensure it's the fastest, safest way to achieve the desired outcome. Whether it's amending an existing offer or creating a new one, it's about aligning your offerings with your audience's needs and expectations.

Lead Magnet Funnel

We'll (re)design a lead magnet funnel tailored to attract your Right Fit Clients¬ģ. This includes a nurturing email sequence that isn't just about knowledge but gives them action steps for quick wins AND showcases your expertise in delivering results in an online format, leading clients to your sales page¬†where they will buy when the time is right for them. (It's about attracting, not begging!)

Sales Funnel (Re)Alignment

Guidance on designing (or redesigning) a sales page that effectively communicates your offer and impact. While I don't offer full copywriting services, I'll help you realign your messaging with compelling copy so you can get up and selling! 

Getting Visible - Marketing

You need to fill your funnel and drive eyeballs to you! We’ll refine how YOU want to show up in a way that resonates with your energy, capacity and comfort zone.  We will align your unique messaging focusing on areas like email strategies and nurturing leads.  We'll explore funnel filling methods, and other organic strategies to enhance lead generation and sales.

Launch Execution Plan

Streamline your launch process with strategic planning tailored to your unique strengths and preferences. We'll focus on crafting compelling messaging and utilizing effective email strategies and organic lead generation methods to boost your visibility and sales.

Growth & Timeline Roadmap

Develop a clear, actionable annual roadmap to guide your business's growth and scaling efforts. Tailored to your goals, this roadmap will identify key milestones and strategies for expanding your reach and increasing revenue, ensuring a focused path to success.

Final Session 


Sales Success Rx Blueprint

Our last session I will present my written Sales Success Rx Blueprint. A comprehensive written plan detailing your ideal client profile, messaging, sales funnel, lead magnet funnel, follow-up nurture sequences, marketing to warm and cold markets, plans to scale sustainably over the next year and actionable next steps. 

Plug-N-Play the content we've created together in Kajabi and take the next steps in your actions to gain traction. (Or hire me to do it for you!)

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You're Done "@^%ing" around with research, self-study courses, group coaching and wasting time & money on magic pills and bandaids that only address the symptoms for short-term relief.

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