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Go Live In Five

What would you like done in 5 business days?
Kajabi Sales Funnel Package
Online Course or Membership Site
Kajabi Event / Webinar
Intensive Day: Train Your Staff or Get Unstuck!

Shortcut your path to success:

Put a stop to unnecessary stalls and delays and get your product, sales funnel or other Kajabi projects done in 5 business days compared to the weeks (months) it takes most people to complete. 

Do you even have the bandwidth to learn Kajabi, let alone to teach your VA how to use it to support your business?

  • Save time
  • Gain Immediate Traction
  • Protect your energy
  • Go live faster
  • Make money sooner
  • Focus where you find the most joy, not on the back end tech
  • Outsource the Kajabi training of your staff

Leverage our expertise and let us shortcut your journey to gain traction in your business!


Kim turned working on a website into something fun!


"I hired Kim to give my Kajabi website a facelift. Before I hired Kim, I had created and launched the website on my own. This is not my area of strength, so it took me a ton of time and a few tears to accomplish. I knew it was time for a professional look to match my new branding, and I needed a professional to make it happen.

Kim turned working on a website into something fun! She was helpful, knowledgeable, generous and funny. I am so grateful for her expertise and can't wait to show off her work!"

Karissa Harrison
Owner, Karissaharrison.com


Full Kajabi Sales Funnel

You have your website up and running.

You have a launch strategy that resonates with your audience, a proven solution that delivers on your promised outcome and now you need to sell that solution. 

You now need us to take your assets, copy and images and update a Kajabi native template or one of Meg's Templates and create a Lead Magnet to fill your funnel with an automated nurture email sequence, a Sales Page to showcase your newest offer, a way to collect payments and an automated post-purchase email sequence to ensure a smooth onboarding for your clients. 


This package does NOT include bespoke design.  We work off of templates.


  • Framework / Homework
  • Kick-Off Call
  • Implement the Kajabi Action & Implementation Plan from our Launch Execution Strategy Sessions.
  • Lead Magnet (LM) Opt-In Page
  • Automated email sequence to deliver the LM and a nurture sequence to create a desire to buy from you when the time is right for them. (up to 4 emails)
  • LM Thank You Page
  • 1 Sales Page for your site  or one long-form combo Website/Sales Page.
  • Up to 3 offers with post purchase automated email sequence (up to 3 emails)
  • Each offer can have one bump and up to one up-sell.
  • Thank You Pages
  • Connect to existing products or can be a ghost offer


  • Assistance with payment gateway
  • Assistance with domain / URL
  • Assistance to blend with 3rd-party integration
  • Integration of your copy from assigned framework (or SSF Blueprint)
  • Integration of your branding and graphics
  • Contact tagging for segmentation
  • Automations (depend on the level of Kajabi plan)
  • Mobile optimization
  • Access to library of "how to" videos to support your sales funnel.

BONUS: Select Meg Burrage Designed Kajabi Template Pages for:
Lead Magnet Funnel
Sales Funnel

Investment starts at $2,400, depending on scope 
Payment plans available.


All packages come with 30-days of follow-up care for minor fixes.


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I'm officially calling Kim - the Kajabi Queen!!!

Kim rocked the first project that I brought her on to get our email marketing up and running, our sales pages looking great and to ensure our courses were set up for a great student experience and I look forward to seeing how else we can utilize her services in fully maximizing her Kajabi expertise!"  

Adrienne Glusman
Online Business Manager for Stacey Staaterman


 Online Course or Membership Site 

You have your course outline, your content is created and saved and now you just need it set up inside Kajabi to ensure a smooth student experience.

We will take your videos, documents, handouts, and course content and enter it into one of two Course or Membership Kajabi templates.


  • Framework / Homework (or Sales Success Formula Blueprint)
  • Kick-Off Call
  • Connect your course to your offers (See Sales Funnel)
  • Up to 12 Modules
  • Up to 40 Lessons
  • Customization of student library
  • Student dashboard / Welcome Page
  • Sidebar with links
  • Upload all your content (copy, video, assessment, audio & documents)
  • 1 Round of Revisions


  • Basic Canva Created Thumbnails and Covers for Course, Modules and Lessons
  • Up to 5 onboarding/nurture sequence automated emails
  • Integration of your copy from assigned framework (or Sales Success Formula Blueprint)
  • Integration of your branding
  • Dripping or Locking content
  • Automations (depend on the level of Kajabi plan)
  • Access to a library of "how to training materials to manage your online course, students and onboarding/nurture emails
  • If you've purchased a Kajabi Template we will upload and edit it for you.

Investment starts at $1,997, depending on scope 
Payment Plans Available


All packages come with 30-days of follow-up care for minor fixes.


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She gave me the boost of confidence I really needed! 

“I’m so grateful for particularly all the guidance from Kim Sellars Brown! Prior to my course launch I became stuck on aspects of my strategy and pricing. Within a day of me reaching out to Kim, she jumped on a call, listened, and coached me through my concerns. Her positivity and can-do attitude was instrumental in helping me feel great about moving forward. When I finished the call, not only did I have clarity on how to proceed with my launch and pricing, but she gave me a boost of confidence that I really needed!

Kathy Noble
Founder, Start With Your Story Educational Consulting


 Workshop/Webinar / Event (Free or Paid)   

You want to provide a way to showcase how you can solve a problem, change a mindset, provide a mini-solution LIVE or Evergreen leading them to your most current offer.

We work off of native Kajabi Event templates or we will use one of Meg Burrage's or a purchased template from another vendor. 


  • Framework / Homework (or Sales Success Formula Blueprint)
  • Kick-Off Call
  • Registration Page (paid or free)
  • Offer/Checkout if Paid Event
  • Confirmation Page or Webinar Room (If Evergreen)
  • Replay Page with link to sales page (If applicable) & upload of video to replay page
  • Connect your post webinar / event to your offers (See Sales Funnel)
  • Can do multiple dates
  • Automated Post Registration email, Pre-Event emails and Post-Event Emails (up to 6)
  • 1 round of revisions


  • Integration of your copy from assigned framework
  • Integration of your branding
  • Instructions to check # of registrants
  • Integrate with Deadline Funnels or other countdown program you own and have set up for the event. (Most use Kajabi's native countdown)
  • Automations (depend on the level of Kajabi plan)
  • Post Event Analytics
  • Access to library of "how to" videos to manage future events/webinars on your own
  • If you've purchased a Kajabi Template for these pages we will upload and edit them for you

Investment starts at $997 depending on scope
Payment Plans Available


All packages come with 30-days of follow-up care for minor fixes


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Intensive Day: Kajabi Training  

You want me to provide Kajabi training to your dedicated staff / VA to support you inside Kajabi. 


  • Decide what topics / tech you want me to teach you or your VA.
  • Kajabi Settings & Domain
  • Sales Funnel
  • Online Course or Membership site
  • Webinar / Event Funnel
  • Lead Magnet / Opt-In
  • Automated Emails, Segmenting, Tagging
  • Automations
  • Assessments
  • Affiliate Set Up & Management
  • Work off of a Kajabi Check-List of items/topics to teach
  • You also have 30-days of Kimi-In-Your-Back-Pocket for support and guidance to answer questions for you or your VA

1/2 Day Kajabi Intensive (Up to 3 hours) Investment $800 Full or Split Pay

Full Day Intensive  (Up to 6 hours) Investment $1,497 Full or Split Pay

*At this time I am not teaching Kajabi Community (but I can make a recommendation)


All Intensive Days come with 30-days Kimi-In-Your-Pocket access for guidance, support and questions (Value $397/mo)


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Still Wondering If We Are A Right Fit?


My services ARE a great fit for you if.... 


You have sold online before. You are not new to the online world.

You understand that this is a collaborative process and I will need your time and commitment to this project.

You have your copy and content ready to go, but you need me to take the wheel and get it set up inside Kajabi.

You acknowledge that once you submit your pre-work/homework to me that is the final edits I am working from.  No big changes after you submit!

You recognize that delays in communication can impact what gets completed in our VIP Day.


My services are NOT a great fit for you if.... 


You are looking for a highly coded website. (you can purchase Kajabi templates if you like their coding, but we don't do coding)

You don't have your course / membership site outlined, copy and/or content ready to go.

You change your mind, often mid-project.

You don't have a clear vision where you are taking your business

You want to micromanage every second of the project.

You don't know what you want, but you know what you like when you see it.


It All Starts With a Connection Call