The Joyful Contrarian's No-BS Guide to Selling


The Secret to Selling Successfully:  Gain Evidence That Your Audience Will Say Yes


Ready to Build and Sell with Confidence? 


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Audience "Buy-In" 


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Launch with Confidence


Tired of lying awake at night, wondering if your idea for your online offer is a dud?


You're not alone.


What if you could prove that your audience actually wants what you're selling, and launch your offer with confidence instead?



The Secret to Selling Successfully:  Gain Evidence That Your Audience Will Say Yes  


The no-BS solution that'll help you minimize risk, master your audience, and slay the online business game like the boss you are.

Increase confidence in launching their product or service, knowing that there is demand from their target audience

Reduced risk of wasting time, energy, and money on building something that no one wants to buy

Improved understanding of their audience, leading to more effective marketing and business strategies.

Gain Evidence!


I've been in your shoes!

Hey there, I'm Kimi Brown, and I've been navigating the online world for over 8 years - which is like 80 years in internet time, am I right?

My mission is to help you bypass those pesky roadblocks that keep you from making sales and get straight to the good stuff.

Listen up, folks - before you go and build or launch your product or service, there's a crucial first step that sets the foundation for success.

And let me tell you, it's not just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best (although, I've been guilty of that too).

That's where I come in as The Joyful Contrarian.

The methodology I teach helps you gain evidence that your audience is ready and waiting to buy.

It's like having a crystal ball that tells you exactly what your customers want - without any of the weird, mystical stuff.

With this approach, you'll have all the confidence and assurance you need to build and launch your product or service like the sales superstar you were always meant to be.

So, are you ready to kick those roadblocks to the curb and make some serious sales? Let's do this!


The Joyful Contrarian's No-BS Guide to Selling Successfully Workshop   


This workshop will teach you how to determine whether your audience desires the outcome you promise and will buy before you invest time and resources.

By gaining hard evidence, you'll minimize risk, develop effective strategies, and slay the online business game like the boss you are.

Don't let doubt keep you up at night.

Join us and launch with confidence.


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  • Experience greater confidence in your business
  • Have a better understanding of your target audience
  • Know which marketing strategies will be most effective
  • Eliminate the risk of wasting time and resources on a failed launch

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You can't go wrong at this investment!

  • 45 minute pre-recorded mini-workshop to watch on your timeline
  • Kim's Down-n-Dirty Grow Raving Fans Checklist

Bonus resources

  • You are NOT alone! Join a supportive community as you implement the techniques and strategies
I Want To Gain Evidence My Audience Will Say Yes!

This method isn't for those who want to 'set it and forget it,' avoid engaging with their audience, or rush to launch without first proving demand.


You understand that building an audience and launching a successful product takes time, but the benefit is the confidence that comes from knowing your audience is eagerly waiting to buy is truly priceless


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