"The Whole Enchilada"
Kajabi Business Suite Package

From online presence to your offer and beyond...

You want your entire business from anchor website, to lead magnet, to sales funnel, to your product set up in Kajabi....the Whole Enchilada. 

Investment in your business starts at $4,997, depending on scope

What's Included...

  • Business Consulting/Kajabi Launch Execution Strategy sessions must be completed first. If completed within 30 days of this package, $500 will be taken off of this package.
  • If you have not completed a Business Consulting/Kajabi Launch Execution Strategy Session at the time of purchasing this package, $1,497 will be added to this package. 
  • Framework / Homework
  • Website  
  • Sales Funnel
  • Lead Magnet
  • Webinar / Event Funnel
  • Online Course or Membership Site or Product/Service
  • Static Pages (Legal) 

If not all items above are needed at the time of building, I will create the framework for you to use in the future.


  • Regular Check-In Calls (Zoom)
  • Assistance with payment gateway
  • Integration of your copy from assigned framework
  • Integration of your branding
  • Domain set-up assistance
  • Contact tagging
  • Automations (depend on the level of Kajabi plan)
  • Mobile optimization
  • Access to training materials to manage your site
  • If you've purchased a Kajabi Template we will upload it for you.
  • If you need help with graphics (not branding) you can hire my graphic designer starting at $750
It All Starts With A Discovery Call

After our Discovery Call, you will get a proposal based on the scope of your business suite you want built out in Kajabi.

Once you approve the proposal, the contract has been signed and 1/2 the invoice paid, you will be given access to your very own Google Drive.

I will guide you, in phases, so we don't get into overwhelm.

Here you will be guided via video and Specific Framework (depending on the phase) to upload content and provide the information I need to get started.

Once I review your content and completed Framework for that specific phase, we will jump on a 20 minute Kick-Off Call to ensure we are on the same page and I have all the details I need to move forward.

I will schedule the start date of your Phase 1.

Phase 1: Website
Phase 2: Sales Funnel
Phase 3: Opt-In Lead Magnet Funnel
Phase 4: Product: Coaching, Online Course or Membership Site
Phase 5 (If needed): Webinar / Event Funnel

I get to work setting it all up!

I will communicate if I need clarification with you or your trusted VA / DOO / OBM.

I will test, test, test.

Then we will enter what I call the "volley ball stage" where we have a couple rounds of edits and tweaks until the content for that phase it is "just right".

We will repeat steps 1 - 3 for each phase!

Once you've signed off on the completed project, you can go live! 

I will get you a loom of your completed project and a final email with links to the training for you to manage your Kajabi website, sales page, online course, membership site or event / webinar.

You also get 30-days of follow-up for minor edits and tweaks AND you get Kimi-In-Your-Back-Pocket for 30 days of guidance, recommendations and advice (Valued at $397/mo)

Schedule A Discovery Call With Kimi

Kim turned working on a website into something fun!


"I hired Kim to give my Kajabi website a facelift. Before I hired Kim, I had created and launched the website on my own. This is not my area of strength, so it took me a ton of time and a few tears to accomplish. I knew it was time for a professional look to match my new branding, and I needed a professional to make it happen.

Kim turned working on a website into something fun! She was helpful, knowledgeable, generous and funny. I am so grateful for her expertise and can't wait to show off her work!"

Karissa Harrison
Owner, Karissaharrison.com

I'm officially calling Kim - the Kajabi Queen!!!

Kim rocked the first project that I brought her on to get our email marketing up and running, our sales pages looking great and to ensure our courses were set up for a great student experience and I look forward to seeing how else we can utilize her services in fully maximizing her Kajabi expertise!"  

Adrienne Glusman
Online Business Manager for Stacey Staaterman

She gave me the boost of confidence I really needed! 

“I’m so grateful for particularly all the guidance from Kim Sellars Brown! Prior to my course launch I became stuck on aspects of my strategy and pricing. Within a day of me reaching out to Kim, she jumped on a call, listened, and coached me through my concerns. Her positivity and can-do attitude was instrumental in helping me feel great about moving forward. When I finished the call, not only did I have clarity on how to proceed with my launch and pricing, but she gave me a boost of confidence that I really needed!

Kathy Noble
Founder, Start With Your Story Educational Consulting

Still wondering if my services are right for you?

My services ARE a great fit for you if.... 

You are NOT brand new to the online world.

You understand that this is a collaborative process and I will need your time and commitment to this project.

You have your copy and content ready to go, but you need me to take the wheel and get it set up inside Kajabi.

You acknowledge that you may not know what you don't know and are open to being coachable for recommendations, advice and strategy.

You recognize that delays in communication can move out a "launch" or "go live" date.

My services are NOT a great fit for you if.... 

You are looking for a highly coded or bespoke website. (you can purchase Kajabi templates if you like their coding, but we don't do coding)

You don't have your course / membership site outlined, copy and/or content ready to go.

You want to "launch" in a month.

You don't have your branding and branding language in place.

You want to micromanage every second of the project.

You don't know what you want, but you know what you like when you see it.

You think pineapple on a pizza is gross. (Just kidding, I'll still work with you!)

It All Starts With a Discovery Call