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Progress Makes Perfection Part 1 #success Sep 17, 2023

I bet you thought I typed that wrong.  

“Practice makes perfect'' is what we usually hear.

What do you think has a higher chance of making you money?

Perfection or Progress? 

I’m speaking to online business newbies AND those who have been doing this a while and are...

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Beliefs Drive Action #success Sep 10, 2023

I am posting this on Sunday from the Joyful Contrarian


Your Beliefs drive your Thoughts.


Your Thoughts drive your Actions.


The stories you tell yourself matter.


The beliefs and stories you have developed, starting from infancy through adulthood, don't have to define...

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Ditch the Employee Mindset #success freelancingtips Aug 21, 2023

Soapbox moment!

Joyful Contrarian Rant!


Over and over and over again I see Service Providers fall into the trap of acting like they are employees or allowing themselves to be treated like employees.  It’s probably because most of us were employees before we started our online...

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Stick With It Muscle #success Jul 23, 2023

I love it when the universe is marching in step with the topic I wanted to talk about today!

We give up way too fast.  We think something isn't working and we want to pivot that next week or month and throw something new into the mix hoping it will work instead. 

I know I am a solution...

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