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Beyond the Sale: Nurturing Leads Into Loyal Customers – Mastering Conversions 5 through 8 list building marketing sales Feb 05, 2024

In the world of sales and marketing, we often focus on the big milestones: the lead, the pitch, and the close.

But what about the micro-moments, the subtle shifts that guide a lead closer to becoming a customer?

These are the conversions we don’t talk about enough, and today, I'm breaking...

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Unlocking the Power of Conversions in Your Sales Strategy #success sales Jan 09, 2024

What if your sales strategy could work effortlessly, driving conversions and growth while you relax and see your business flourish? Before you start tallying up your sales revenue, let's delve into the essence of conversions.

Conversion isn't solely about closing a deal or making a sale. 


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People LOVE to be Sold business sales Jul 03, 2023

Well, that’s a big steaming pile of BS


NOBODY likes to be sold.

NEVER have.

NEVER will.


People LOVE to buy.


If you have created raving fans and served them, they will buy from you when THEY are ready and will show up prefluenced® (using a word Joey Ragona coined)...

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