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Beliefs Drive Action

#success Sep 10, 2023

I am posting this on Sunday from the Joyful Contrarian


Your Beliefs drive your Thoughts.


Your Thoughts drive your Actions.


The stories you tell yourself matter.


The beliefs and stories you have developed, starting from infancy through adulthood, don't have to define you or still drive your thoughts and actions.


You no longer have to be held hostage by old stories or beliefs.


You have the power to argue with or challenge your stories or beliefs.


You have the power to change or alter your stories or beliefs.


You have the power to create NEW stories and beliefs.


It isn't a matter of willing yourself to tell new stories or beliefs.


If we could do it on our own we would.


Is it time for you to invest in working with someone to uncover the stories and beliefs that are holding you back and are stopping you from success (however you define success) in your personal and business life?


Is it time you invest in working with someone to help facilitate your journey as you walk the path to telling yourself new stories or creating new beliefs in your life?


Reach out to coaches, consultants, and counselors who work with professional women in business who specialize in this area around stories and beliefs.


If you need names I have a few people I trust.

Melissa Froehlich https://melissafroehlich.com/

Sarah Kahn https://linchpinvirtual.com/

Your beliefs are driving the bus.   If you don't like where the bus is taking you, is it time to take charge of your thoughts to make the changes necessary to form new beliefs?




The Joyful Contrarian

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