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business owner is happy with the black friday alternative strategy they picked

Rethinking Black Friday: Alternative Strategies for Online Business Owners

black friday sales discounts Nov 05, 2023

Welcome back, entrepreneurs!

Last week, we discussed the hidden costs of discounting your signature program on Black Friday. This week, let's explore some alternative strategies that can boost your sales without compromising your brand.

The Power of Bundling

Bundling offers a fantastic way to provide value without devaluing individual products. Consider pairing your signature program with a mini-course or an eBook to create a compelling package.

 Time-Limited Bonuses

Bonuses can be a game-changer. Offering additional coaching sessions or exclusive content for purchases made during the Black Friday period can enhance the value of your program without lowering the price.

 Payment Plans

Special payment plans can make your program more accessible. This can attract a new customer base without alienating your existing customers.

Exclusive Access

Offering early or exclusive access to new features or services can create a sense of urgency and exclusivity, encouraging more sales.

 Customer Loyalty Rewards

Rewarding your existing customers with special perks can not only retain your current customer base but also attract new customers who see the value in long-term investment.

 Charity Partnerships

Aligning your brand with a charitable cause can add a feel-good factor to purchasing from you, making your offer more compelling.

Would you like a list of other Black Friday strategies to consider?  Check out The Sales Success RX Community for more Black Friday tips and tricks.  

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