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Breaking Free from the Holding Pattern: A Guide for Online Course Creators

course launch strategy online course creation online education success overcoming hurdles Mar 12, 2024

Have you ever felt like your online course creation journey is akin to being stuck in a holding pattern, circling the airport but never quite making it to the runway?

You're not alone.

Many brilliant minds find themselves hovering close to success but not quite landing.

Let's unpack what keeps us circling and how we can gracefully land that plane, ready for the world to embrace our knowledge.

The Holding Pattern Explained

Fear of Imperfection: Often, we're our own harshest critics. The fear that our course isn't "perfect" can paralyze us, preventing the launch. Remember, perfection is a myth. Progress and genuine value are what truly matter.

Overwhelm and Burnout: Creating an online course can be overwhelming. From content creation to marketing, it's easy to burn out. It's crucial to break down tasks into manageable pieces and remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint.

Technical Tangles: For many, the technical side of course creation can feel like a foreign language. Whether it's setting up the platform, dealing with integrations, or understanding analytics, these hurdles can keep us circling.

Analysis Paralysis: With endless resources and advice available, it's easy to get stuck in the research phase, constantly seeking the "right" way to do things. At some point, we need to trust our instincts and take action.

Navigating Towards Landing

Embrace Good Enough: Launching your course doesn't mean it's set in stone. Start with a "minimum viable product" and refine it based on feedback. This approach not only gets your course out there but also invites improvement over time.

Set Small, Achievable Goals: Break your course creation process into small, manageable tasks. Celebrate each milestone, no matter how small. This builds momentum and makes the journey more manageable.

Seek Strategy and Technical Support: Map out your funnel for your client journey from lead to client. What are all the pieces that must be present for your dream to come alive?  Don't let technical challenges ground you. Sometimes, investing in a bit of expert help can save you hours of frustration.

Commit to a Launch Date: Set a realistic launch date and work backward to create a timeline. This deadline can serve as a motivational tool, helping you focus and prioritize your efforts.

Build a Support Network: Surround yourself with fellow creators who understand your journey. Whether it's a formal mastermind group or casual check-ins with a friend, having support can make all the difference.


It's Time to Land Your Dream

You've circled long enough. 

Now's the time to land your dream with precision and grace.

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