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Beyond the Sale: Nurturing Leads Into Loyal Customers – Mastering Conversions 5 through 8

list building marketing sales Feb 05, 2024

In the world of sales and marketing, we often focus on the big milestones: the lead, the pitch, and the close.

But what about the micro-moments, the subtle shifts that guide a lead closer to becoming a customer?

These are the conversions we don’t talk about enough, and today, I'm breaking down Conversions 5 through 8 that are pivotal in the journey from lead to loyal customer.

Conversion 5: The Outreach

Imagine this: Someone reaches out to you, perhaps through email, DM, or LinkedIn. They're asking for help, requesting a link to your calendar, or wanting to dive into your website or sales page. This is a conversion, a "mini-sale," if you will. It means they see potential in you as the expert they've been searching for.

But here's the crucial part: Don’t just send them your Discovery Call Link or a free resource to download. This moment is more than a transaction; it's the beginning of building TRUST and a relationship. Help them see you as more than a person hungry for a sale.

Conversion 6: The Conversation

Engagement is the name of the game here. When you start a conversation—be it on LinkedIn, messenger, or email—make sure you’re not just talking, but are are ASKING QUESTIONS and LISTENING.

Ask a question first.

Stir a genuine conversation.

When they respond, it’s a sign they’re invested in the exchange.

This conversation is a conversion in itself.

Conversion 7: The Shift

There’s a moment in every fruitful interaction where you offer value that genuinely helps someone.

Maybe you help them get unstuck, shift their mindset, or solve a problem. If they thank you, you've just earned a conversion.

They might not buy right away, but you've sown the seeds of trust.

They could become a raving fan, someone who will spread the word or eventually become a customer on their timeline.

Conversion 8: The Second Ask

This is where things get exciting.

If, during your conversation, they ask a second time for a link to your calendar or they take the initiative to visit your website, take notice.

This repeated interest is huge and goes a long way to remove buyers remorse when they do purchase.

In their mind, you’re transitioning from a potential solution to the solution.

Each of these conversions is a stepping stone to a sale, but more importantly, they are the building blocks of trust and relationships.

That's the essence of the Sales Success Doctor's approach—turning outreach into conversations, conversations into interactions, and interactions into lasting relationships, and lasting relationships into creating raving fans and clients.

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