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People LOVE to be Sold

business sales Jul 03, 2023

Well, that’s a big steaming pile of BS šŸ’©


NOBODY likes to be sold.

NEVER have.

NEVER will.


People LOVE to buy.


If you have created raving fans and served them, they will buy from you when THEY are ready and will show up prefluenced® (using a word Joey Ragona coined) to do business, and very little “selling” is involved. 


I am in a few groups designed for high ticket sales or specific social media marketing and am getting tired of the rhetoric “People Love To Be Sold” because that’s what they need to tell themselves to keep going.


Sales is both an art and a science


There are some great courses, coaches, and consultants that work with you on what Sales ISN’T and what Sales IS. What to ask, how to ask it, how to keep objections from coming up in the first place, and how to conversationally help them say yes.  


And yes, there is a very small subset of us who love the ART of selling and want to experience how other salespeople use their craft. 


However, most are like blunt instruments so there is no art involved.


Stop pressuring them to take out a loan or sell a kidney or “you must not want it bad enough” or, this offer is only good while on this call.   Isn’t that exhausting?  Begging them? That's a recipe for buyer's remorse.


If you’ve put in the work to connect with them and SERVE them, demonstrate your superpower in action, and they reach out to you because THEY are ready, it's really just a matter of confirming you can deliver on the promised outcome and going over logistics on where to sign up.


Stop Selling and let them reach out to you when THEY are ready.


Then your only task is to help facilitate the buy.

Kimi Brown

The Joyful Contrarian


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