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Sniff Test

Oct 02, 2023

Most of you know that if you truly have done a deep dive into who you want to work with, how you want to work with them, and when you want to work with them you will KNOW if this type of promised outcome resonates with your dream client or not.  


With Black Friday coming up I'm getting a lot of marketing posts on my FB feed and in my email with a promised outcome that follows a specific theme and may or may not pass the “Sniff Test”:

I can get you to $XX,000 a month

You too can achieve $XX,000/month 

My proven method can help you reach (insert amount here).

I want to caution you if use any iteration of, "I coach people how to make (insert $$$$ in X months here) 

...... Keep this in mind.....

The digital marketing service provider community is very active and we talk....

..... and we know who is blowing sunshine up people's skirts or not. 

I am amazed at how many people use this marketing tactic and cannot back it up. I have lost respect for a lot of people who market this way from the conversations I've had with my peers of service providers.

There was just another thread from a service provider who was struggling with a client who wanted to use this method and KNEW she could not back it up. "She's not even close to making that now herself with her own method".

It must pass the "Sniff Test": 

Is it True?

Do you share what it REALLY takes?

Is it proven?

Can you demonstrate repeated results?

Do you have social proof with numbers?

Are you willing to open up your own bank statement?

I'm not discouraging you from marketing this way.  It is a very powerful copy if true.

If true.

If you have produced repeated, proven results for yourself and others.

You had better be willing to be transparent about your own journey and your bank account.  

If not, pick a different promised outcome.

Kimi, do you actually ask to see proof?  Yes, yes I do.

This can't be - "Well in 2020 I did this 3 out of the 12 months"... ....or "my client Bob Doe is having regular $12K months"... but must be repeated, proven with social proof from the client themselves to back it up.  (ask for testimonials with numbers, not just glowing words)

This is why I encourage you to NOT post about amounts per month if you cannot prove you do this regularly and aren't willing to back it up and let people see into your earnings if asked.

If I have a client who wants to market using this method, you can bet your boots I am asking for them to prove to me they can back this up.  I don't want any part of false marketing.  That is MY credibility on the line.

However, if it passes the "Sniff Test", you are whom you say you are, can prove you can do what you say you can do, and are transparent in what it REALLY takes to get there, then go for it!

Just one woman's thoughts on a Sunday morning while my husband watches RedZone.


Kimi Brown

The Joyful Contrarian

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